Top 4 WhatsApp Bulk Senders In 2021

17 3 月, 2021

In our ever expanding world of new ways to engage with current and future customers, one tool which is often overlooked is WhatsApp. Today we're going to talk about the top 4 WhatsApp Bulk Senders for businesses in 2021.

1. MtreeSolution WhatsApp Blaster

Of course we would start with our own solution! At MtreeSolution we believe we offer one of the best WhatsApp Marketing softwares available on the web today. And better yet it's all accessed from within the cloud. There is no need to download a whatsapp software for your PC.


  • It supports all multimedia formats including images, GIFS
  • Provides Multi-Language functionality for free
  • Compatible and compliant with the latest WhatsApp API
  • You can send unlimited messages extremely fast and without worry of being banned by WhatsApp
  • Customize your message to suit your businesses requirements and marketing strategies.


  • Our service is based in the cloud (Saas) and can be used on any device in any part of the world.
  • Mind-blowing customer support
  • Reliable platform with 99.9% up time. So far none of our competitors can achieve this amazing result
  • Credit based system with bonus credit based on how much you spend.


  • We like to think none 🙂

2. Enjay

Enjay is a software based solution which provides your business the ability to send mass WhatsApp messages to customers or even employees of your business. Enjay uses an API feature which allegedly allows you to stay within the terms and conditions of WhatsApp use.

whatsapp bulk


  • Provides a Google sheet template to import required contacts for sending bulk messages to customers and employees
  • Allows you to create custom messages according to your requirements
  • This app is compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • You can send bulk messages at a single go
  • It is a free tool and there is no paid version


  • Excellent training tutorial for those new to WhatsApp Marketing
  • Pretty good customer service
  • User-friendly interface which will not overwhelm beginners


  • It is a time-consuming process as you have to send the messages manually and there is no automation.
  • It permits you to send only text / SMS messages which really isn't ideal for marketing purposes.

3. TrueLine Solutions

This firm provides multiple solutions for business and WhatsApp bulk sender app is one solution on their list. It is an Indian company serving business in all parts of the world. A reliable organization that tends to adopt the latest and trendy tech to create applications for business enhancement.

whatsapp software


  • It supports all multimedia formats including sound files, images and GIFS and you can send any form of bulk messages quickly
  • Provides Multi-Language functionality out of the box
  • Compatible with the latest WhatsApp API
  • You can send thousands messages at a rapid rate in an extremely precise manner
  • Customize the messages according to your requirements and needs of your business


  • This platform comprises of built-in functionalities like sleep control, speed control and delays control to personalize the sending operation
  • Great customer support
  • Extremely reliable platform and beginners feel comfortable using the dashboard


  • The features vary with the WhatsApp versions and before making a purchase you should verify that it's current feature set will meet your whatsapp marketing needs.
  • There is no free version. You have to pay $15 per month to enjoy its complete service without any interruptions

4. Wasender

Wasender is a sophisticated software based platform in which you can download a WhatsApp bulk sender tool for your businesses marketing. To use their service you must first create an account and register at their official website to download the Wasender software.

wasender aplication


  • A pro version is available with added functionalities to allow for a faster messaging process
  • Live chat option to answer your customer questions immediately
  • High-security systems to protect the account details without any leaks
  • Availability of free demo version to use prior to purchasing
  • Controls to customize the messages with images, GIFS, Sound clips etc


  • Great customer support and service
  • Secure payment gateways to pay for their services
  • Provides a discount for the monthly subscription price


  • The free version is very limited and denies access to the main features of this app
  • It's expensive. You pay Rs 3000 for a yearly subscription

Is WhatsApp Bulk Sending Illegal?

No. We use WhatsApp API which means you can't send anymore then what you could if you were using it on your own device

Is WhatsApp Blast Marketing Spammy?

No. This is intended to be used for an existing customer base. Using WhatsApp to market is no different to using an Email list

Is WhatsApp Marketing Worth It?

Yes! WhatsApp message marketing has an open rate of above 70%. Compare that to email at around 15-20% and you can see that it has a much higher ROI than email marketing.

Do I Use My Own Number For Messaging?

No. MtreeSolution provides you with multiple numbers and messages are sent as a one way service. ie. You can't receive replies to your marketing messages.


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