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What is WhatsApp Marketing?

WhatsApp marketing uses WhatsApp as a platform for sending bulk messages out to your customers to advise them of promotions, discounts and offers your store or business may currently be offering.

How much does WhatsApp Marketing Cost?

WhatsApp marketing campaigns are extremely cost effective. In fact, our WhatsApp messages start from only

What's The Up Time Of Your WhatsApp Marketing Panel?

Unlike our competitors our WhatsApp Marketing Panel has an uptime of 99.9%

How effective is WhatsApp Marketing?

Extremely effective. The average WhatsApp marketing campaign has an average of 98% open rate compared to other forms of traditional marketing including email and Facebook adverts.

Is WhatsApp marketing legal?

Yes, WhatsApp Marketing is entirely legal. It is your responsibility to comply with WhatsApps terms and services.

How Do I Access Your WhatsApp Marketing Panel?

Our WhatsApp Marketing panel is available 24x7 and runs in "the cloud". This means you can access the panel from anywhere in the world. There is no need to install any software.

What Our Customers Say

  • Since using MtreeSolutions for our WhatsApp marketing campaigns we have seen an average ROI of 300%! We're getting a steady stream of new customers and are retaining our other customers by offering exciting promotions through WhatsApp messaging.
  • Since using mtreesolution for our WhatsApp marketing we've noticed a huge increase in open rates. Much better than email campaigns we use to use.
  • We use mtreesolution WhatsApp Blaster for our restaurants promotions and even the odd giveaway here and there. We've only been using them for a few months but have seen great results so far.

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Since launching in 2020 we have had over 1,000+ businesses sign up and reap the benefits of our WhatsApp marketing services across Malaysia and other parts of Asia!
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