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With MtreeSolutions online marketing services, we offer our business clients the ability to send bulk WhatsApp messages to a targeted audience, through our state of the art online WhatsApp blasting panel. Unlike short-messaging-services (SMS), there are no limitations when it comes to WhatsApp. You can send texts, images, documents, videos and much more. It is an extremely cost effective way of publicizing your business to thousands of people at one go.

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Customers choose us because they get the peace of mind that they are using one of the cheapest, yet most advanced WhatsApp Marketing Services In Malaysia

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Only pay for what you use!
RM 250

99.9% uptime

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

WhatsApp marketing uses WhatsApp as a platform for sending bulk messages out to your customers to advise them of promotions, discounts and offers your store or business may currently be offering.

How much does WhatsApp Marketing Cost?

WhatsApp marketing campaigns are extremely cost effective. In fact, our WhatsApp messages start from only RM50. Checkout our full pricing here.

What's The Up Time Of Your WhatsApp Marketing Panel?

Unlike our competitors our WhatsApp Marketing Panel has an uptime of 99.9%

How effective is WhatsApp Marketing?

Extremely effective. The average WhatsApp marketing campaign has an average of 98% open rate compared to other forms of traditional marketing including email and Facebook adverts.

Is WhatsApp marketing legal?

Yes, WhatsApp Marketing is entirely legal. It is your responsibility to comply with WhatsApps terms and services.

How Do I Access Your WhatsApp Marketing Panel?

Our WhatsApp Marketing panel is available 24x7 and runs in "the cloud". This means you can access the panel from anywhere in the world. There is no need to install any software.

Thinking Of Becoming A WhatsApp Marketing Reseller?

Lots of customers are looking for bulk whastapp or bulk whatsapp message even lots of businesses now search for bulk whastapp sms, bulk wapp. There are a few companies that offer desktop based bulk whastapp sender or commonly known as bulk whatsapp blaster / whasapp bulk sender / whastapp marketing tool / whastapp marketing software. But the biggest problem with these types of software is that you need to always keep buying new channels to send messages, which is not very cost effective. Getting new channels is very hard and quite often you need to wait for days and sometimes even weeks for your vendor to provide you a new channel. In a worst case scenario they even give you reused channels then within seconds of using these channels they will get blocked and you will not be able to run your campaign.

With MtreeSolution we offer credit based bulk whatsapp marketing or whatsapp marketing services, and you don’t need to worry about channels. Purchase credits and you are ready to run your whatsapp campaigns. Bulk whastapp service is not an whastapp marketing app but a promotional whastapp messages / bulk promotional whastapp marketing tool that you should use to send only whastapp promotional messages. Incase you intend to resell our web-based service we have bulk whastapp reseller panel, bulk whastapp reseller plans, bulk whastapp white label panel, best bulk whastapp panel. The is best bulk whastapp service over bulk whatsapp blaster and by using our portal you can send international bulk whastapp messages and you can grow your business as bulk whastapp service provider and grow as a bulk whastapp company.

Malaysia And Beyond

MtreeSolution offers it's WhatsApp Blasting services across all of Malaysia and other parts of Asia. We provide optimal coverage to ensure all of your WhatsApp blasts reach their intended audience.

What Is WhatsApp Blasting?

WhatsApp Blasting is an efficient and cost effective marketing tool that can be used to send bulk WhatsApp messages to your existing customers and new customers. This can be for special promotions, business news and even customer satisfaction surveys. The possibilities are endless. 

WhatsApp Blaster Malaysia

MtreeSolution has partnered with thousands of Malaysian businesses and other businesses across the world to bring a state of the art WhatsApp Blasting tool to our users.
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