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Everything is being shared publicly, and social media such as Facebook had become the venue for everyone to take a peep at one’s private life. However, the majority of the people still opt to have their communication channeled privately, such as WhatsApp. It has been said that people tend to send content and communication through the so-called “dark social” channel, the term that has been linked for using WhatsApp as private chat apps.

All communications sent in WhatsApp are encrypted which cannot be accessed or read by anyone who is not part of the communication. In fact, in a recent survey, it has been found out that almost 84 percent of online sharing and communication is being coursed through private channels and private chat apps.

There could be some basic questions that could be lingering in your mind, such as:

  • How to WhatsApp blast?
  • WhatsApp for marketing your business?
  • What are the things that can be done through the use of WhatsApp?

…And there could be other questions.

Same with other apps, you need to have it downloaded on your phone, for each WhatsApp account is linked to one single mobile number. There are different versions of WhatsApp for iPhone, Windows phone, Nokia S40, and Android. After successfully downloading the app, you can already confirm your country and your mobile number. You can have your profile personalized by adding your picture and the like.

If the setting does not change into a privacy setting, the people in your phone’s contact list will also be able to view your contact lists for WhatsApp uses the information from your contact list such as phone number in order for it to provide you updated information regarding the recent users of WhatsApp.


Different ways of sending messages in WhatsApp

There are different ways to send messages, videos, voice records, and photos through WhatsApp, such as One-to-one chat, broadcast lists, and group chats. Let us see each feature in detail.

One-To-One Chat

Like the usual chat app wherein you can send a message, photo, video, or a recorded snippet to the person in your contact list, and of course, the person you are sending must also be a WhatsApp user. You are assured that the communication sent cannot be read, seen, or be heard by a third party, for the communication is encrypted.

Broadcast Lists

WhatsApp also has a feature of a broadcast list wherein you can send a message in your contact list, and it will be received by them as a normal message if, in the event that they made a reply, it will appear as normal one-to-one chat without anyone from the contact list to have access or read the message. The Broadcast list is similar to the feature of BCC (Blind Carbon Copy)in the email.

When you are going to send a message through the broadcast list, it can reach up to 256 contacts. This will maximize the number of audiences that can be reached by your content or message

Group Chats

Similar to the Broadcast List, your message can reach your contacts, and it has the capacity to reach up to 256 contacts, but their replies can be shared and read by all those who are part of the group. Same with other group chats can be a venue wherein every member can send responses and view and read other messages. They can also send pictures and videos. It may be perfect, especially when you are in a business enterprise.

WhatsApp as an alternative for SMS in messaging

WhatsApp is now becoming the new hype in communication. According to the study conducted by Pew Research Center, it has been revealed that almost 42 percent of Smartphone users, specifically within the age bracket of 18 to 29 years old, uses WhatsApp messaging, which is relatively higher than the 19 percent of Smartphone users who are within the age bracket of 50 years old upwards who uses the usual, customary way of sending messages such as SMS.

WhatsApp also has an amazing engagement rate wherein almost 98 percent sent through WhatsApp are being read and opened in just a span of three seconds from receipt of the message. It has been seen as the best alternative way of sending messages than the usual SMS, especially in countries that have a high charge for SMS. In fact, in the countries like Brazil, Malaysia, and Mexico wherein 60 percent of its population have already shifted to WhatsApp and had been using it than their usual SMS. It is now becoming an alternative way of communication wherein it has been shown that almost 109 countries, or around 55.6 percent, have already shifted to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is different from Facebook Messenger

Despite the fact that WhatsApp had been acquired by Facebook way back in 2014 for a resounding amount of $19 billion, still, its features are not similar to Facebook Messenger. It still retains its unique features, which are not the same as the features of Facebook Messenger.

In the survey conducted by Nielsen’s Facebook Messaging, it shows that around 67 percent of the mobile users had expressed to use chat apps such as WhatsApp as a mode of communication, especially for business purposes, and 53 percent in the consumer group showed that they opt to conduct business wherein they can have interactive communication.

WhatsApp for Business Use

Most of the business transactions have now become mobile, and it is usually being conducted in chat apps such as WhatsApp. Apparently, it already has a captured market, especially if your target market is part of the millennial generation.

As of the moment, WhatsApp does not have any business-specific features, but you can innovate in order for you to reach your market through the use of WhatsApp. You can explore and eventually develop your own marketing strategy with the use of this chat app. Using WhatsApp for your business may have its advantages, but you also must be aware that it also has a limited reach for it can only reach around 256 WhatsApp users in a single message.

It also does not have a business account, and for that, it may pose some limitations, specifically if your business is into creating a business account. This may be seen as an inherent limitation of WhatsApp, but given such limitation, you can still devise how to market your business properly.

Create a buzz in the virtual world through a brand persona

There are different ways on how to establish the brand image in the consumer market, and one of the effective ways is to reach your clientele through WhatsApp by having your brand persona. This marketing strategy has been used by Absolut Vodka during the launch of the Limited Edition Absolut Unique bottle collection in Argentina. WhatsApp became their venue for reaching their target clients, especially that 84% of the population in Argentina is in WhatsApp.

They created a buzz by having a brand persona of a virtual bouncer “Sven” wherein WhatsApp users can directly send messages to: ”Sven” to convince the “bouncer” to let them in. If the “bouncer” is convinced, the person who sends the convincing message will win a ticket for the exclusive party of the launching of the Absolut Vodka.

The marketing campaign had gained around 1,000 videos, audio messages, and images just to convince the imaginary bouncer. This is an effective way of creating a buzz in the consumer world.

Marketing Tools in WhatsApp

If you want to establish a business presence in the virtual world, then you can just download the Business App that has been launched by WhatsApp. It can be downloaded by Android devices for free, wherein it has tools that can be used for business, such as the feature of quickly respond to messages, sort and to automate.

You can save time by having your previous messages be kept on being reuse and being resent. There is also the feature of “quick reply,” especially to the common queries. You can also have a greeting message that will make your customer feel welcome and for them to send some messages.

There are different ways on how your client can reach you or have interactive communication with your brand. It may be through adding your phone number to their contact list or through the WhatsApp click-to-chat link on your website. It is the easiest way of establishing communication with your client and creating brand consciousness.


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